About the Project

Project number: 2023-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000157246
Funding Programme: 2023 – EAC/A10/2022 Programme Erasmus+ – KA2 School Education
Budget: 250 000,00 EUR

The difficult times that we are facing currently has thought us that teachers lack certain skills and competences to cope with the situation. This refers to lack of motivation and inability to use the already designed digital content, available online. Thus, the main idea behind the project is designing a platform to serve as digital resource for teachers in primary schools, which will consist of various materials to be used and shared between the teachers. The platform will provide a base of many available resources for the teachers, good practices in the partnership countries and beyond, easy to be used and sorted by different categories. More importantly, this digital content will offer methodology and guidelines for encouraging the social inclusion among pupils, enabling them to develop empathy and acceptance of the young children from disadvantaged background. The main focus group we are addressing are the youngest children, ages 6 to 8, since they are the ones to begin with. Changing the mindset of the youngest participants in the society leads to changing the behaviour of the whole community towards the people with fewer opportunities. With regard to the European frameworks on digital competences of educators, our goal is to achieve at least B1 level of competences at most of the teachers, or they to be Integrators, to seek to improve and update their digital pedagogical competence through experimentation and peer learning, as well as creatively experiment with and reflect on new pedagogical approaches, enabled by digital technologies. Having these considered, the main priority of the project is development of an educational platform, which will be easy to use and accessible for everyone. Besides being a digital tool for the teachers, its content will encourage the young children to embrace the differences, and it will teach them about the difficulties that some of their peers face. Providing digital resources for the teachers and teaching them how to be used efficiently, we will strengthen the profile of the teaching profession and make them feel more confident in their everyday work. With an accent to providing materials that do not exist in the curricula, we will also empower them with digital resources and ease their teaching of values and empathy among the pupils.

The main innovations to be delivered by this project are:
1. Repository of Digital Resources for teachers becoming ‘Integrators of digital contents’
2. Design of an Interactive Digital Storytelling platform, stories with real-life challenges that disadvantaged pupils face, with
Rubric for teachers that provoke awareness and empathy
3. Development of a Guide for Social inclusion, targeting teachers, pupils, and the community,
4. Training program for the use of the Platform offered as a Structured course
5. Raised awareness about the needs of the others

Latest News

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